Photos: 2004, 2003, 2002 or 2001

December 2004 - Cruising in Fiji and the voyage to New Zealand (Journal)

Pam, Billy and Tiffany Drinking coconut milk on Naviti Kate driving Buttercup Fijian Dancers Boarding the Yasawa Flyer Our towed generator propellor after the shark attack Dick gives our position to Russell Radio Barbecue at Musket Cove Fiji in the Rain! Intrepid Explorers on Naviti Lunch! Snorkelling at Nanuya Sewa

October 2004 - Pacific Milestones (Journal)

Pam with Papa Joane, Anchorage Island, Suwarrow Inside the “Yacht Club”, Peter looking on Anchorage Island path scene No caption needed Lunch (1) Lunch (2) Lunch (3) Tongan Dancing (1) Tongan Dancing (2) Tongan Dancing (3) Birthday Boy Duncan and Irene from Moose at the feast Pam and Anna at the feast

August 2004 - Tuamotus, Tahiti and the Society Islands (Journal)

Coral reef, Rangiroa, Tuamotus Gale in Tahiti Moorea from Tahiti Leading the big parade Ilze, Skip, Dick Campin and Pam Heiva- Singers Moorea Worth the climb, Opunohu Bay, Moorea Bali Hai, Moorea Humpback whale taking the plunge Sailing back to Papeete Heiva finals- Dance troupe Heiva finals- Dusky maidens Alongside in Uturoa, Raiatea Typical Motu, Tahaa ALIESHA in the lagoon, Bora Bora Brushwood for the barbecue, Dick and Des from ALI NUI Beach scene, Bora Bora

July 2004 - Enjoying the Marquesas (Journal)

Fatu Hiva @ first light Faces in the Rocks, Bay of Virgins, Fatu Hiva More Faces in the Rocks Outrigger Canoes, modern style En route to the waterfall Through the plantation The waterfall, Fatu Hiva Time for a Dip Passing CAPENSIS Anchorage, Tahuata SCOOTS at speed Anaho Bay, Nuku Hiva Anaho Bay, Nuku Hiva Spires on Oa Pou More spires, Oa Pou

June 2004 - Crossing the Pacific (Journal)

Orca! Kicker Rock Seda and Cuneate Tim the Divemaster Dick sub-aqua More Sea Lions Frigate birds displaying Cuneate and friend Flamenco Anchorage, Balboa, Panama Espritu Santo Anchorage, Las Perlas Islands, Panama Beach, Espiritu Santo Toasting King Neptune as we cross the Equator Landfall, San Cristobal, Galapagos Tuna for supper (and lunch, and dinner, and lunch and dinner….) Baby sea lions at play, first morning in Wreck Bay Celebrating arrival in Wreck Bay, San Cristobal Victor Meldrew? Who’s a pretty girl, then? You want to move the dinghy? Wot, more bl**dy tourists! Blue footed Booby blocks the path Espaniola Island, Galapagos Flamingo, Vilamil, Isabella Island, Galapagos so, she said to me….! Barbecue, Vilamil Exploring the volcano Encounter with High Cs in mid ocean Traditional navigation

April 2004 - Crossing to the Pacific - Panama Canal (Journal)

January - February 2004: Contrasts in Cuba (Journal)

January 2004: Norfolk VA to Jacksonville FL (Journal)

Jims floatplane Christmas in South Carolina ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? Jon & Jo Kennedy Space Centre ???? ???? Repairs in Jacksonville ????